A hand holding a pencil and pushing buttons on a black calculator that is sitting on a table top.

Annual security deposit interest payments are due by December 31!

Close up image white computer keyboard with a blue key labeled "important."

Information and tools for understanding, calculating, and implementing the 2023 AGA.

Blue paper with a torn section in the middle revealing the words "what's new" on a white background.

Annual increases for owner move-in and Ellis Act eviction relocation assistance payments go into effect January 1, 2023. 

Dark background with white text that says "Berkeley Tenants Survey.  A way to make our voice heard is here!"

A randomly chosen sample of tenants will receive the survey in the mail.  

The word "waiver" in black on a white piece of paper, with a gavel and paperclip.

The amnesty period allows for the waiver of all late-payment penalties if accounts are paid in full by September 30, 2022, in cases of COVID-19 financial hardship, and where a property account has been identified as needing an administrative correction.

Blue arrow with "Waiting List" printed in white text.

We’re helping to spread the word that, after more than ten years, the Berkeley Housing Authority (BHA) has announced the opening of the Tenant-Based (Housing Choice Voucher) waitlist. The pre-application period to be included in the random draw for placement on the waitlist is July 19 through July 26. 

The word "deadline" written on a post-it note tacked to a cork board with a clock in the foreground.

Late payments will result in a 100% penalty on any outstanding fee balance!

Close up image white computer keyboard with a blue key labeled "important."

Registration fees are due Friday, July 1, 2022!