Blue arrow with "Waiting List" printed in white text.

We’re helping to spread the word that, after more than ten years, the Berkeley Housing Authority (BHA) has announced the opening of the Tenant-Based (Housing Choice Voucher) waitlist. The pre-application period to be included in the random draw for placement on the waitlist is July 19 through July 26. 

The word "deadline" written on a post-it note tacked to a cork board with a clock in the foreground.

Late payments will result in a 100% penalty on any outstanding fee balance!

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Registration fees are due Friday, July 1, 2022! 

Picture of the top part of the Rent Board website's new homepage.

Along with the City of Berkeley, the Rent Board has transitioned to a new website.

View of Berkeley Hills from the water.

Acknowledging the past and building relationships with Berkeley’s indigenous community for a better future.

Close up image white computer keyboard with a blue key labeled "important."

The Fair Chance Housing Ordinance prohibits the use of criminal histories for most offenses in determining access to housing.

Words "Densifying Berkeley: Potential impacts on Displacement and Equity" in white against an orange background with an image of buildings in Berkeley.

The report highlights vulnerability of displacement due to upzoning in the midst of SB9 and an updated housing element.

Picture of laptop computer on a table with a log-in field showing on the screen..

Online registration and payments for fully covered rental units have transitioned to our new rent registry.